Young Humanitarian Award

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Nelson Mandela once said: “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that generation.” The Irish Red Cross emphatically agrees with this view and recognises that the vision and humanitarian actions of our young people are critical to finding the solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

The Young Humanitarian Award has been established to recognise the extraordinary contribution of a young person who has demonstrated inspired leadership in support of a humanitarian cause.

The recipient of this honour will have demonstrated true leadership and a genuine spirit of goodwill, volunteerism, philanthropy and/or humanitarianism in the benefit of others.

Adam King – Young Humanitarian of the Year 2024.

East Cork hero Adam King captured the nation’s hearts when the then seven-year-old appeared on the 2020 RTÉ Toy Show to promote his ‘Virtual Hug Campaign’. Thanks to his efforts this campaign went on to raise €6.5 million for children’s charities.

Since then, Adam has continued his advocacy work and started a charity with his family called Adam King Adventures. This charity has partnered with many organisations and has helped to raise awareness and funds for many causes in the past few years. Some examples from 2023 include participating in the Darkness into Light campaign, supporting World Down Syndrome Day and collaborating with Hi Healthy Ireland. Most recently Adam started a clothing line of sustainable children’s clothes in 2023 where the profits from the sale of these products are donated to charity.

Adam’s inspirational advocacy and philanthropy demonstrate the profound impact that individuals, regardless of age, can have on their communities. Through his charitable endeavours and commitment to helping others, he has become a symbol of hope and compassion for children and families in need.