Humanitarian Journalism Award

Eduardo Galeano once stated: “I am grateful to journalism for waking me up to the realities of the world.”

With this spirit in mind, the Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Journalism Award has been established to honour a journalist who has shined a spot light on a humanitarian issue or cause or who is committed to highlighting social injustices in Ireland or abroad.

Nominees for this award must be Irish or based in Ireland and have had their work published or broadcast over the last 24 months through a recognised media channel.

Hannah McCarthy – Humanitarian Journalism Excellence of the year 2024.

Hannah McCarthy’s impactful reporting on humanitarian issues in the Irish Times, Irish Examiner, the Journal, and various other publications has shed light on the experiences of vulnerable communities worldwide. Through her human-interest stories and investigative journalism, she has raised awareness and sparked meaningful dialogue on issues of displacement, migration, and social justice.